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I can help you

we are all connected

Our healing journey is back to Wholeness.

Spirit-Centered Wellness is taking a deep dive inward to explore & connect with our inner healing nature, the ability to heal from within that exists in all of us.

I’m humbled to do this work with you, as a helper and a fellow journeyer.

Kristen Hart, L.Ac, MSOM

Above all, I am a being of the Earth, and she is the living Nature that inspires me. I believe that our healing can help to heal the Earth.   


In flow with the elements and spirits of Nature and all beings everywhere, my healing work is steeped in Earth Medicine. Everything in the Universe is related- humans, animals, plants, earth/planets/solar systems, spirit. This is the Wholeness of Being that binds us all together.  My healing practice draws on this connection to guide healing, intuition, and inner revelations that come from the alignment of ourselves and every being of the Earth.


I completed my formal study of  Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine in 2008, graduating with a Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM).  I practiced in Chicago, IL until 2012, when I ventured westward to Portland, OR to start a new chapter.  My training has since been enhanced by my personal and mentored studies of spiritual & ceremonial healing, intuitive hands-on healing, vibrational sound therapy, and countless forays and dives into different realms of healing work. Spirit-Centered Wellness is my creative process of blending these tools and processes into a unique healing experience for you. 


When I'm not in the studio, you can find me outside, getting my hands in the dirt, daydreaming & visioning, singing and drumming, conversing with my cat-person, making Earth medicines, and not following recipes. 

Every healing experience is unique...

"...I remember telling a close friend I wanted spiritual support through my heartbreak, and to my surprise she recommended Kristen. After my first session with her, I understood the work Kristen does is so much more expansive and depthful than any acupuncture, or body work I have ever experienced.”

Jessica W. 

Book online, by appointment only.
New Cients- email to book your 1st session
Insurance benefits must be verified before your session,
or expect to pay time of service charges 
2133 NE Broadway, Suite 302
Portland, OR 97232
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