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every healing experience is unique

“Kristen's work facilitates healing across the physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual parts of my being. I came to Kristen seeking movement through a feeling of stuck-ness in grief. Working with her has helped me integrate other practices & therapies, has expanded my ways of seeing and listening to my being, and helped me regain fluidity through change and transition. I remember telling a close friend I wanted spiritual support through my heartbreak, and to my surprise she recommended Kristen. After my first session with her, I understood the work Kristen does is so much more expansive and depthful than any acupuncture, or body work I have ever experienced before.”

Jessica W.

“Kristen is a gifted holistic healer who creates an incredibly safe space for you to do your deepest healing. As someone who suffers from anxiety, she is one of the only healers that I've been able to be fully relaxed with. She offers a unique combination of body work, acupuncture, meditation, and drumming,  Each session feels like a ceremony for my mind, body, and soul and I always leave feeling more grounded and at peace.”

Vivian Z.

“Kristen’s intuitive sense of what is needed each session is astounding. I have been seeing her for 3 years and each appointment begins by her listening to where I am at in the moment and then providing a personalized treatment that meets what I need. My favorite parts of our time together are the guided visualizations and drumming, which unbelievably have been unique in every one of my sessions. I always emerge feeling transformed and supported. Kristen is truly a gifted healer —she clearly has a deep knowledge of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture and also is incredibly connected to spirit and the earth”

Saba S.

"About a year ago, I googled “Spiritual Acupuncture,” not knowing such a thing existed, but believing there had to be a practitioner who held space for personal transformation and partnered with clients in a deep way. I found Kristen Hart. I have been to see her every month since then and sent many of my friends as well. Bottom line: Kristen is an extraordinary practitioner. She works with a magical combination of curiosity, medicine, connection, deep wisdom and ritual that is so potent. I go many amazing places in our sessions and walk out of each feeling transformed—into more and more of myself." 

Madeleine E.

What stands out for me is how deeply Kristen listens- to your words, your energy, your body, and your spirit. Prior to the acupuncture, Kristen sits with you and delves gently but deeply into what's really going on with you. I find myself telling her things I've not spoken to anyone else about. From this, she gets to the root of the issue and explains how she'll use acupuncture to move the chi. I'm highly sensitive and she took that into account each time, only inserting a few needles so as not to overwhelm me. Her final singing and drumming is icing on the cake of a rich and transformative experience. Highly recommend.

Caroline A.

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