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  • Spirit Centered Sessions


Let's stand at the edge of the water, then plunge in...


Spirit-Centered Sessions

These sessions are tailored to your specific needs, and allow you access to your calm, quiet center.  

Spirit-Centered session are an amalgamation of many processes & techniques that I have learned, created, and blended over years of practice.  It integrates acupuncture, deep listening and attention, emotional and energetic healing, & sound and vibrational medicines.  I look at each situation (every process, story, dis-ease, etc), through the lens of Spirit.  Each session is an exploration of what is most present, as we look for a doorway into the liminal, luminous place of Spirit, where body-mind-emotion all coalesce.


What can we let go? What can we move towards? How can we be in stillness? How can we be in alignment with Oneness/Love?


Together we will investigate your stories, your heartaches, your experience of pain, your dreams, your intuitions, and navigate a way through, a way forward. 


I Ching Readings

Reading /  $125

The I Ching (The Book of Changes) is known as a book of wisdom based in natural philosophy. It is a guide to harmony & balance.  The book itself (and it’s many translations), are a collection of beautiful readings crafted to help us understand the changing nature of existence & how to best evolve with it.  It is considered in some lights to be a practice of divination, but it is much more than that.  Using the I Ching, we are tapping into our deep relationship/ our place in the natural rhythms of the Earth, the Cosmos & asking Nature for guidance in our current situation.  It implements ancient wisdom for modern decisions. A reading with the I Ching allows us thoughtful time to re-order our thinking on the issue at hand & to return to alignment within the Universal Flow of Being.  

Readings can help to center you in your experience, to see optional pathways, and receive guidance during transitional times.


The coin tosses relate to lines (firm / broken), which translate to Hexagrams- 6 line figures, which are translated into rhythmic vibration through drumming.  After discussing your readings from the I Ching texts, you will receive the guidance energetically, allowing it to integrate with you spiritually & cellularly.

In summary, the I Ching can help you:
- find inner & outward balance in regards to your question
- Become more aware of the ever-changing conditions around & within you.
- Move with the flow of life
- See opportunity & avoid obstacles

Avoid yes/no questions


billing insurance for sessions

Due to the nature & depth of my work, not all of the work I do is billable to insurance. If your plan does not cover the full cost of the session, you will be responsible for the remainder, less your co-payment.  


All benefits must be verified prior to your appointment, otherwise you will be billed for the full amount of the session
If would like your sessions billed to insurance, please email me with your Plan ID & your birthdate at time of booking. 

Verification of benefits may not be possible for appointments booked less than 72 hours in advance. 

In-Network Insurances Accepted:

Pacific Source- out of network currently (3/2023)

Regence BCBS (except plans requiring prior authorization)


OHP (Providence Health Assurance option only, must have referral before session)

(I can no longer bill Medicare plans for acupuncture) 

For out-of-network plans, I can provide you with a Superbill which you can submit directly to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You will be responsible for the full time of service fee. 

Not all insurance plans cover acupuncture.  Please check with your insurance provider for information on in & out-of-network benefits.  

questions? email me


Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

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