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  • Spirit Centered Sessions


Practices to restore the Spirit, Body, and Mind


Everything in the Universe is related- humans, animals, plants, stones, earth, planets, stars, spirit. This is

the Wholeness of Being that weaves us all together.


Within the framework of our daily lives, it’s easy to forget that we are part of Nature.  It’s not something that we simply engage with and then go back to being human.  We are Nature, just like the plants, the trees, the animals, the elements.

The cycles & the seasons of the Earth are moving within us, as much as we might try to imagine otherwise and keep pace with the artificiality of technology & “modern” life.


In this medicine, we align to embody the love, support & wisdom of

the inextricable connection we have with the sacred Earth.


We’re going to take a step outside the bounds of time & space, flowing into a place where we remember that we are One with all that is, that we are Nature, just like the plants, the trees, the animals, the stones, the Earth, the elements.


Through meditation & visualization, with the rhythm of the drum and songs from the Earth,

we will access a space of inner healing together.

Working with the sacred medicine of the Cedars, you will be guided on a shared journey

where we will align our intentions and creations with the spirit of the Earth.


Let the beat of the drum activate your cells and your spirit, it’s rhythm will guide you deeper inward.

Experience a deep sense of peace & well-being, and feel the love and support of the Earth that is always here for you.


What can we let go?

What can we move towards?

How can we be in stillness?

How can we be in alignment with Wholeness & Love?

These sessions are tailored to your specific needs, and allow you access to your calm, quiet center.  Each session is an exploration of what is most present, as we look for a doorway into the liminal, luminous place of Spirit, where body-mind-emotion all coalesce.

An amalgamation of many processes & techniques that I have learned, created, and blended over years of practice, these sessions integrate acupuncture, deep listening, emotional & energetic healing, sound and vibrational medicines.  I look at each situation (every process, story, dis-ease, etc), through the lens of Spirit. 

Together we will investigate your stories, your dreams, your intuitions, and navigate a way through, a way forward. 

New clients: 90-120min
Returning clients: 60-75 min

An accessible, concentrated session for Seasonal Alignment 

These sessions invoke the Elements & the Cycles of the Seasons. Working with selected flower essences via acupressure, light Craniosacral work, and sound healing with Drumming & tuning forks. (possibly auricular acupuncture)

These sessions ARE for you if:

*You just need a general tune-up, with no specific "issue" to work on

*You want a grounding & balancing session with a shorter time commitment.

*You are unsure/fearful about needles, but still want to have a healing session

*You want a relaxing, rejuvenating experience

These sessions are NOT for you if:

*you have an ongoing & specific issue you need work on

*you prefer to have more time to talk & process before/ after the session

Relax, Balance, Return to your Center

45 min sessions
for New & existing clients

These sessions are primarily for bodywork focused treatments- if you would like care for a specific physical issue addressed with light bodywork, cupping, or gua sha (scraping).


Light Craniosacral work & acupressure (if needed) to finish treatment.


These sessions are great for:

*Acute musculoskeletal pain (neck, arm, shoulder, back, etc)

*when you just want cupping or light bodywork

45 min sessions
for existing clients ONLY

billing insurance for sessions

Due to the nature & depth of my work, not all of the work I do is billable to insurance. If your plan does not cover the full cost of the session, you will be responsible for the remainder, less your co-payment.  


All benefits must be verified prior to your appointment, otherwise you will be billed for the full amount of the session
If would like your sessions billed to insurance, please email me with your Plan ID & your birthdate at time of booking. 

Verification of benefits may not be possible for appointments booked less than 72 hours in advance. 

In-Network Insurances Accepted:

Pacific Source

Regence BCBS (except plans requiring prior authorization)


OHP (Providence Health Assurance option only. Referrals no longer necessary)

I do not bill Medicare plans. 

For out-of-network plans, I can provide you with a Superbill which you can submit directly to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You will be responsible for the full time of service fee. 

Not all insurance plans cover acupuncture.  Please check with your insurance provider for information on in & out-of-network benefits.  


questions? email me!

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